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DaVinci Custom Fireplaces™ is running an ad in The Journal of The American Institute of Architect’s online and print magazine’s September and October issues. This publication has over 117,000 subscribed readers and these ads will capture more interest and leads throughout the builder and architect audience.

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NEW Media for DaVinci!

Posted: July 5, 2016 in Da Vinci News

All DaVinci Custom Fireplaces now feature three additional media options:


  • Rock Embers
  • Crushed Black Glass
  • Tumbled Stones

These new media options allow for even more ways to create a completely custom, personalized look, while complementing a wider variety of unique and transitional styles.

DaVinci Custom Fireplaces up to 10 feet in length now offer an additional glass height option of 58 inches!

58 inch glass

You now have the ability to add even more drama to the already stunning DaVinci’s with this show stopping new glass height that will surely become the focal point and center of attention in any room.

*10-12 week lead times for 58” tall glass


DaVinci Left Corner, Right Corner, Bay Window and Pier models are now available without posts inside the glass to offer an even cleaner, better looking fire view!

Postless Models

Expanded DaVinci Production

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Da Vinci News

Due to the overwhelming success of DaVinci Custom Fireplaces, we are producing THREE TIMES as many DaVinci’s each month as we were this time last year! This success can only be attributed to your hard work in not only learning this new technology but getting it in front of architects and builders. Thank you!

Our rapid growth has created a demand for us to expand our DaVinci production. We have doubled our production capabilities, added new staff and equipment, and have been working around the clock to keep up with our promised delivery times.

Our goal is always to provide you with the highest level of timely service, and our DaVinci expansion project will help us achieve that goal.

Please don’t hesitate to call your Travis Sales Manager if you have any questions.

Expanded Production

The DaVinci Custom Fireplace® Single-Sided and See-Thru models are now approved for Indoor/Outdoor Installation. This installation requires the NEW Exterior Window Kit. The Exterior Window Kit can accommodate fireplaces up to 10 feet in length and can be used with 12, 20, 30 and 36 inch tall glass. The Exterior Window Kit includes the sealed Thermal Window, black finished Aluminum Window Frame and all required components.

Exterior Window Kit

For those of you who couldn’t make it to the HPBExpo in Nashville, we are introducing a lot of new products at this year’s show, one of which is The “L” by DaVinci.

The “L” is a larger than life new fireplace by DaVinci with 90 degree corners of fire that is unlike any fireplace you’ve ever seen. This new fireplace is so revolutionary that we nominated it for a VESTA Award. *UPDATE: The “L” by DaVinci did not win the VESTA Award, but we are very proud to say that it was a close runner-up and was one of the three finalists chosen for the award – which is a prestigious honor in itself.

The “L” by DaVinci showcases a stunning and unique presentation of fire and has virtually no design limitations. As the name “L” suggests, you have the ability to create a fireplace with multiple 90-degree right and left corners of fire that extend in opposite directions with any length sides, and glass heights ranging from 12 – 36 inches. This new unit offers all of the same innovative features as the original DaVinci Custom Fireplaces, plus more!

The “L” can be installed anywhere your imagination pictures it, and features two outdoor installation applications: In outdoor covered living and entertainment spaces, and on See-Thru models one side of the fireplace can be installed on the interior of a home or building while the other side is installed as part of the exterior wall. The “L” also features an optional powerful heat exchanger that can be added to directly heat either an interior space or an outdoor recreational area if desired. If that isn’t enough, The “L” also includes an optional Smart App with Bluetooth technology that allows you to control its interior multi-color LED lighting hues and intensities, as well as turn both the fireplace and heat exchange system on and off.